OK Everyone. Calm down and chill out! We who follow a path of attunement all know that this is a time of upheaval. I have heard from many groups, pagan and non-pagan, spiritual and mundane, that we are all at each other’s throats. Perhaps not literally, but all the conflict I hear about seems to have begun around Hallows and has been in crescendo since the summer. This conflict is meddlesome and petty. People are complaining, whining and being overly persnickety about things that don’t matter. Most seem to be complaining about other people and not taking responsibility for themselves. They are playing the blame game and, though they are blessed with much, do nothing but complain about what they don’t have. I have been guilty of this, so I know it’s really happening!

I have noticed that more people than usual have frowns on their faces, and for those of us who work with groups, we’re seeing white lies, manipulation , intrigue, “stirring of the pot”, and generally, if you examined people’s expressions, they look like they have a large crustacean semi-permanently attached to their posteriors. I have heard from many group leaders that this seems to be happening more acutely now than ever.

The Five of Swords is the card of conflict and discord. The image above from the Raider-Waite Tarot tells it all. A man seems pleased with the power that comes with gaining the upper hand. But, his power is an illusion. Power only exists in potential. Once exercised, the powerful begin to lose their power. That is the way of the Universe and the way of balance. This law explains why dictators fall, why tyrants are ultimately victims of their own actions and why the blind pursuit of power and money ends in tragedy, war and oppression. The attitude that leads to this destruction is petty (from the French, “petit” meaning small) because it is small-minded. It misses the bigger picture of how the world really works and what it takes to achieve what you want. A Buddhist saying that reinforces this notion says,

“Success does not lead to happiness,
happiness leads to success”

I believe that we are all experiencing this conflict and pettiness to prepare ourselves for greater things, to remind us that pettiness and internal conflict is nothing but smallness, to remind us that this kind of power-grabbing doesn’t help and doesn’t matter. In fact, no concern of this kind matters. If you are grabbing for power, you will be reminded at this time, that you have already lost it.

What should we do instead? To exit this baneful period we must let go and trust. We first have to stop constipating our energy by grasping so hard that what we want slips through our fingers. Ask yourself if what you want comes truly from love or from the fear of not having (see Witchcraft: Theory and Practice by Ly de Angeles). Hint: the “fear” one is not good, not good at all. It causes the kind of conflict and pettiness we’ve been seeing. And, it causes greater loss than the loss that was feared in the first place.
To get beyond fear, we have to let go and get clear on what we love, without spitefully hanging on to what we fear to lose. To do this, ironically, we will experience loss. But loss is necessary for gain. Just as a snake sheds his skin to grow.

So, Fellow Seekers, remember that these difficult periods are instructive and cleansing because they bring focus and make us stronger. Step back, notice what’s happening, let go and reconnect with that which you truly love. You will achieve greatness.

To quote Mother Teresa, “In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” And that brings about great things.

Bright Blessings,