Merry Meet!

Welcome to Sage Moon Grove! We are a group of Traditional Craft practitioners based in North San Diego County, California. We explore the mysteries of earth-centered ancient wisdom and acknowledge the divinity found in All Things. Our purpose is to provide a safe, sacred place for seekers called to the Old Ways to attain spiritual advancement through the Craft of the Wise. As a member of the Ravenwood Tradition, we stress individual practice and learning along with group classes and ritual participation. The purpose of our website is to provide information about our Grove, our Tradition, and the Craft in general. You will find my current “musings” about spiritual topics as well as information about me, our beliefs, the joys of incense making, and information about our public events.

I am a third-degree initiate of Ravenwood Church and Seminary of the Old Religion, founded by Lady Sintana and Lord Merlin, Ravenwood’s Elder High Priestess and Elder High Priest. Together with Lady Kali Tara, High Priestess of Sage Moon Grove, we are legal clergy dedicated to serving the Wiccan community by passing on the ancient wisdom or our elders. Along with my initiators, Lady Larina and Lord Gaelin of the House of Ravenstone, as well as many other teachers who have influenced us, we honor Lady Maia, High Priestess of the House of Ravenwood as the leader of our Tradition.

We deeply value our extended family of Elders who come from both the Ravenwood Tradition as well as from other traditions whose values we share. We believe that this makes our Grove vital and diverse while ensuring that we stay rooted in the wisdom, practice and discipline of our fore bearers.

I welcome all seekers looking to find spiritual growth in this path of love, joy and beauty.

Bright Blessings!


Lord Peregrine’s Most Recent Musing