The Craft: The Path of the Wise

The words wicca and witch trace their origins to Anglo-Saxon word for a seer or diviner. The word wise comes from the same root.

We embrace our spiritual path as one of continual seeking and searching in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our relationship with the Earth and our relationship with the Creative Life Force. We search for inner knowledge, insight and balance as well as harmony and alignment with the outer world. But, wisdom is something we aspire to, not something over which we claim spiritual authority. Our view is that our knowledge is never complete, our practice is always improving and even the most knowledgeable among us are always learning.

How do we walk this journey? Simply put, through practice. Ours is a religion of both learning and action. We practice ritual, meditation, art, poetry and the study of ancient healing and spiritual arts. It is for this reason that we often refer to our path as The Craft. It is a path of working and reworking, learning, testing and discipline. And, like any craft, it offers us creativity, and the ability to create beauty and joy in our lives.