Other Resources and Sites of Interest

Below you'll find a number of links to and brief descriptions of other websites that may be of interest. If there are sites you think should be added, let us know.
Founding Coven of our Tradition, Ravenwood was founded by our Witch Queen and Elder High Priestess, Lady Sintana, at Samhain 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia as an incorporated non-profit religious organization. Ravenwood continues today under the leadership of Lady Maia, with the guidance and love of Lord Merlin, Elder High Priest, and the support of the Craft Eldership at large.
Founded in 2010 by Lady Larina and Lord Gaelin, initiators of Lord Peregrine, the House of RavenStone follows in the ways of our Tradition in Northwest Atlanta.
Located in Albuquerque, NM, Dragonwood is a sister coven of Sage Moon Grove. Dragonwood is led by Lord Lugh, a third-degree initiate of Ravenwood, who upholds our shared Tradition and is a respected friend and elder of our Grove.
A Traditional Celtic Wiccan Temple based in North Carolina founded by Lord Min, a respected teacher and friend and led by Lord Chase Night Smith and Lady Alba Gabrielle.
This website will help you learn more about your Angels and to live a life of Love, Happiness and Joy!
...firekeepers, shamans, faeries, poets, philosophers, dreamers, dancers, tricksters, healers and mentors.