Lady Gwendolyn

It is with tremendous love, respect, and sadness that I must announce that

Lady Gwendolyn
beloved elder, friend, teacher and poet of the Ravenwood Tradition
has passed on into the Summerlands to be with her dearest Lord Simeyon
on June 28, the night of their forty-fifth wedding anniversary.
I consider Lady Gwendolyn to be one of my greatest teachers. She marked herself indelibly on the hearts, minds, and spirits of all whom she touched. The void her passing leaves in us all is tremendous.
While our hearts are filled with grief on this plane may she journey peacefully and in joy in the Summer Realms.

I would like also to share a tribute that I wrote for her Memorial Service, which was held on July 1, 2009 in Atlanta.

To Lady Gwendolyn

You were the gray-haired lady mixing stones
On the banks of what is now Lake Merlin, when we met.
You talked of balance and energy and the importance
Of Snowflake Obsidian under the September Sun.
I watched and listened and found wisdom in less than four words.
I saw grace in your eyes, but also consequence.

You served the Goddess with conviction and compassion
By looking out for her creatures, those little souls
Who cried so loudly for your gentle hands that knew them
When other hands ignored them.

You taught me many things that are not written down
Because those were your ways—the Old Ways.
I learned more about smoke than fire from you because that was your mystery.
I learned about magick and common sense because they were the same to you.
I was graced by your energy as I finally gained my footing stepping gingerly out into the Priesthood
Under the nearly Full Moon, with my Sister, your Daughter,
And felt comforted by both the seriousness and ease of your words.

You were nine feet tall in circle when you spoke,
And you watched out for all, even those who had passed over
And cried on behalf of the suffering of all souls,
And spoke of the need to feel the bind of sadness while
Unbinding our hold on them.
You did so with your Will, Faith, and Daring and you taught us with your Silence.

And yet,
You showed us that the world offered always a chance at laughter,
Because you knew that laughter always healed,
Always brought us together,
Always taught us something about the world and about our Ways,
Always brought out the best in everyone,
Always reminded us that the Goddess was with us,
And shines through us,
Like She did, through your eyes, every night of your life.

With Love and Deepest Respect,
Lord Peregrine
High Priest of Sage Moon Grove