The Passing of Lord Merlin

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce that our dear Lord Merlin, Elder High Priest of Ravenwood, passed into the Sumerland at approximately 1:00pm on the first day following the Autumn Equinox, September 23rd, 2011. He was a guide and a sage to many, serving as Elder High Priest of Ravenwood, the entire Ravenwood Tradition, including Sage Moon Grove, as well as Children of the Cauldron and Glen Luna.

Lord Merlin was born in England and was initiated as a Priest of the Old Religion to a traditional coven known as the Rose Wreath. His initiation took place on a cold March morning on Monk’s Island, in the middle of the River Thames, in 1948. Later, after moving to the United States, he met the late Lady Sintana, who knew when she met him that she had found “her Merlin.” He became her Consort, protector and husband. Their devotion to each other was unshakable and over the years, Lord Merlin helped Lady Sintana to create what is now the Ravenwood Tradition. Never content to take the spotlight, he, always led and guided from the shadows.

He is survived by many who thought of him as family; however, most especially by Lady Eurythmy, his Goddaughter, and High Priestess of Glen Luna. In 2005, he left his house near Midtown Atlanta for the forest of the North Georgia mountains, retiring, as he often said, to be with the trees. He lived next door to Lady Eurythmy who looked after him like the daughter that she was and who, over the years, has become like a close sister to me.

Lord Merlin was my friend and mentor, and my sage. His taught me through conversation: a brief mention here, a small insight there, all forming a broad mosaic of meaning surrounding the Old Religion--a composite that has deepened and energized my own path and teachings. He touched many priests, priestesses and practitioners of the Old Religion and, as he often shared with me, he was amazed at what a wonderful life has had “in this religion.” I was proud that he called me (along with my dear brother Lord Logan) his Squire, helping him whenever I could, but realizing that I was the main beneficiary in the relationship.

We all send out a cry of grief, but laughter, too. For he was never one to be grim or morose. “Our religion,” he often remarked, “should be a celebration.” I am saddened by his passing, but in his memory I will celebrate that he was in my life and I in his. We all wish him well on his journey.

Hail and Farewell, My Lord!

Lord Peregrine