Should 2010 Be Forgot...

For many of us Pagans, 2010 was a difficult year. This is not a scientific assessment: virtually every Pagan I’ve spoken to recently has remarked that this past year has been extraordinarily difficult. Many people important to us have chosen this year to pass into the Summerland. The so-called economic recovery has been imperceptible to many of us.

And yet, there have been tremendous lessons this year. An astrologer friend of mine said that the past three months have shown planetary alignment not seen since around the Great Depression. Of course, she hastened to add, “that was then, and this is now.”

Over the last couple of difficult years, many of us have, on New Year’s Eve, toasted the evening by saying goodbye and thanking the Gods that it is over. I suspect that our motivation will be similar this year.

However, while times have been tough, I urge you tonight, to reflect on what lessons the year has brought through the difficulties. Often, that is the only way our conscious selves will pay attention to lessons. Reflect on those lessons, connect them into a web of meaning for yourself, decide what implications those lessons have for you this coming year and commit to yourself to make whatever changes you think will support your personal growth. Candlemas---a new beginning---is just around the corner.

Bright Blessings and Happy Gregorian New Year!

Lord Peregrine