Blessings of the First Harvest

Lammas (the “loaf mass”) is upon us. We men who follow the Old Ways sometimes struggle with this sabbat. It is the sabbat of the harvest and of the willing sacrifice of the Corn King, the life force of the God who gives of himself to save his children. Most men don’t like the idea of being “cut down” with a sickle. Most men are not willing to give their lives so that others may live.

Sound familiar? Yes, the archetype of the male savior who comes to “free” his children from death is found in many cultures. It is an archetype because it communicates an underlying truth about our existence: that we cannot have continuity of life without sacrifice. Said another way, death is necessary for life.

“But,” you might ask, ”we should be celebrating the first harvest of grains, shouldn’t we?” Yes, and we should also acknowledge with gratitude all the energy and life that went into what we consume to sustain us every day. The best way to deal with the reality of death is to see it in its larger context: life. And we should give gratitude every day for life because for us to live, something must die. As is stated in the Reiki principles, “Show Gratitude for Every Living Thing.” And so we are grateful. Every day.

Love and Bright Blessings and Happy Lammas!