Happy Beltane Happy Beltane Happy Beltane

My friends,

This week marks the height of the Wiccan “Liturgical Year” in my tradition. Traditionally, Beltane was Fire Festival that equated to the initiation of Summer. It is the time celebrating the burgeoning of life and love. It is the celebration of the sacred marriage between the God and the Goddess. It’s opposite on the Wheel of the Year is Hallows—or Samhain (meaning “summer’s end”) which is a time of endings.

This sacred marriage stuff always causes questions, especially amongst those of us who are not purely heterosexual in our orientation. It is critical to note, that, in my tradition, as is the case in many traditions that consider themselves Traditional Craft, the outward balance of male and female that we see in our rituals and mythologies are meant to underscore a much deeper truth than the union of Man and Woman.

The great mystery here is that when we celebrate the Sacred Union, as in during the Great Rite, it is a reminder that we are here to discover what it means to see the Sacred Union within ourselves. That is, we seek to understand the balance of masculine and feminine aspects of our nature, our Divine nature, which possesses both masculine and feminine aspects.

We are a people of self-discovery. We try to avoid looking outward for “The Truth” because we know that such a fundamentalist approach gets us and society into trouble. Rather, we seek to discover honestly and humbly our own “truth.” This is the wonderful thing about symbolism and mythology: while they may not be “true” in the factual sense, they communicate underlying deeper truth that is more profound, more pervasive, more enduring.

Try to seek to see the deeper meaning of all the revelry, the flowers, and yes, even the sex, during this very special time of the year.

I welcome to hear from you all.

With love and Bright Blessings,